Pennsylvania Association of State Floodplain Managers

2022 Webinar Series:

2021 Floodplain Management Symposium:

Flood-Ready Policy Opportunities for the New Congress

Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance

National Weather Service Flood Forecasting and Warning Program

Nature-based Approaches to Flood Mitigation: Overview and New Trends

Letters of Map Revision and Conditional Letters of Map Revision in Pennsylvania

Public/Private Partnerships for Flood Control Projects

Navigating the Levee Mapping Process

How to Be Engaging: Best practices in public outreach/communication

Pennsylvania Silver Jackets – Interagency Team Reducing Flood Risk in Pennsylvania

NFIP Transformation Updates/Risk Rating 2.0

CRS Users Group, and how to make CRS work for your community

Pulling the Plug: A Recovered History of Pennsylvania's Unbuilt Flood Protection Projects

Resiliency the New Sustainability Webinar Series - September 2020

9-2-2020 Webinar #1

9-9-2020 Webinar #2

9-16-2020 Webinar #3

9-23-2020 Webinar #4

9-30-2020 Webinar #5


3-27-2020 Historic Structures and Floodplain Management

5-14-2020 Floodplain Management 101

9-29-2020 FEMA 2020 Non-Disaster Grant Opportunities through PEMA

10-22-2020 Implementation of GIS and Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modelling for Integrated Floodplain/Stormwater Management

1-13-2021 NJDEP: Blue Acres Program

5-19-2021 Floodplain Regulations in Building Codes

6-2-2021 Risk Rating 2.0 Updates

8-25-2021 Equity in Floodplain Management

12-1-2021 Floodplain Design and Construction

Floodplain Codes/Regulations

Technical Information on Floodplain Management 

Using ASCE 24 for CDBG-MIT Projects 1

Using ASCE 24 for CDBG-MIT Projects 1 - Handout

Flood Insurance

FEMA RISK RATING 2.0 - Update Letter (9-7-19)


An Affordability Framework for the National Flood Insurance Program, April 2018

Flood Mitigation for Pennsylvania's Rural Communities: Community-Scale Impact of Federal Policies, April 2018


Flood Mapping

FEMA Flood Map Service Center (MSC)

National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) Viewer

Flood Mitigation

The Protective Value of Nature report that was recently released by NWF. The report summarizes the effectiveness of natural infrastructure in lowering the risks to communities from natural hazards. 

Flood Mitigation Homeowner's Mitigation Brochure - Protecting Your Home from Flooding Low Cost Projects You can do Yourself

Pennsylvania Hazard Mitigation 

Pennsylvania State Hazard Mitigation Plan

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Flood Management


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