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Pennsylvania Association of State Floodplain Managers

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  • March 2021 Floodplain Management Symposium - Call for Presenters/Trainers Only

March 2021 Floodplain Management Symposium - Call for Presenters/Trainers Only

  • December 15, 2020


Registration is closed

PAFPM March 2021 Floodplain Management Symposium 

March 16-17

Harrisburg, PA

In preparation for a new year of flood threats, we invite you to fortify your own floodplain management awareness during National Flood Awareness Month.   By the numbers, flood hazards are the #1 natural hazard in Pennsylvania, hurting our communities large and small through impacts on water quality, property and infrastructure to name a few. As floodplain managers, politicians, consultants/design professionals and  municipal managers it is more important than ever to be prepared for flood hazards.   Join us at our 2021 PAFPM Floodplain Management Symposium to help us prepare for, manage and mitigate flood risks in all of our communities, and if you have a specialty in these areas please submit a proposal today!

We have all felt the loss of direct contact throughout this pandemic so we are teaming with government agencies (and hopefully deliver) a combination Training/Conference with in-person and virtual aspects. We’re designing the event to minimize risks while still getting people together where learning is enhanced by face-to-face meetings, including a proctored CFM Exam.

Disclaimer: In the event of travel or event restrictions, we'll be offering both in person and virtual participation, following the PA Department of Health's guidelines.  

In person location: Harrisburg, PA (Radisson Hotel Harrisburg)

Please complete this proposal form NO LATER THAN December 1st, 2020 to be considered.

Sessions: 30, 60, 90, or 120 mins in length

Selected presenters/trainers will be notified by December 15, 2020.


Target Audience: 

  • floodplain administrators/managers 

  • building officials 

  • zoning officials 

  • planners 

  • emergency managers 

  • politicians   

  • floodplain design professionals/consultants 


Potential topics: 

  • Flood Preparedness 

  • Flood warning/forecasting 

  • Substantial Damage Determination and Assessments

  • Flood Emergency Operations Planning  

  • Comprehensive Plans 

  • Flood Mapping 

  • A Zone issues  

  • Letters of Map Change 

  • Future forecasting (increased precipitation, sea level rise, etc.)

  • Flood Regulations 

  • Stormwater Management connections to floodplain management

  • Role of a floodplain administrator 

  • PA Model Ordinance Update  

  • Floodplain regulations application to infrastructure (transportation, parks, trails, etc.)


  • Building Codes and floodplain management 

  • Public Information 

  • Flood insurance

  • Resources/guides/trainings

  • Flood Mitigation 

  • Historic Structure 

  • Dam/levees   

  • Hazard Mitigation Plans 

  • Buyouts/Demo Re-build 

  • Grant programs

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