PAFPM 2018 Conference Agenda

DAY 1: September 18

8:00 am: Conference Registration and Breakfast

9:00 am: Conference Welcome

Josh Schnitzlein, AICP, CFM, PAFPM Chair

9:15 am: Policy Issues for the Next Generation of Floodplain Managers

Kerry Wilson, CFM & Eric Jespersen, CFM PAFPM Legislative and Policy Committee Co-Chairs

9:45 am: Opportunities for Flooding and Water Quality:   Combining Issues to Find Solutions

Lara B. Fowler, Penn State Law

10:30 am: Refreshments

10:45 am: State of the Art FEMA Map Update with HEC-RAS 1D/2D Hybrid Model  

  Donna Newell, PE, CFM, President, NTM Engineering, Inc.

11:15 am: Integrating Adaptive Capacity Assessment into Mitigation Planning

Tony Subbio, CFM, Emergency Management Specialist, Tetra-Tech

11:45 am: Lunch

1:00 pm: 50 Years of the NFIP: Prologue, Past, Present and Preview

Richard J. Sobota, CPCU, Sr. Insurance Specialist, Regional CRS Coordinator, FEMA Region III 

1:30 pm: Post-Disaster Damage Assessments

Jason T. Stick, US Army Corp of Engineers-Baltimore District; Thomas Hughes, State Hazard Mitigation Officer, PEMA

2:30 pm:  Refreshments

2:45 pm: Substantial Damage Estimation: Using Hazus-MH as a Screening Tool after Hurricane Harvey

Alison Miskiman, Hazard Mitigation Project Manager, Tetra-Tech 

3:30 pm:  Hazard Mitigation Opporyunities in Storm Preparedness and Recovery

Daniel Mattson, PE, Senior Staff Engineer, T&M Associates

4:00 pm Peak Flow Estimation Tools for Culvert and Catch Basin Assessment

Benjamin Houston, PE, PMP, GISP, CEO, GroundPoint Technologies, LLC

5:30 - 7:30 pm: Welcome Reception in the Atrium

DAY 2: September 19

8:00 am: Breakfast

8:30 am:      Mitigation and Floodplain Management in Pennsylvania: A Statewide Perspective

Marita Kelley, State NFIP Coordinator, DCED; Thomas Hughes, State Hazard Mitigation Officer, PEMA

9:15 am KEYNOTE ADDRESS: DCED: An Upstream Partner in Reducing Impacts from Flooding

Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

9:45 am: Notes from a Muddy Field Book

Justin Spangler, PE, Water Resources Engineer and Project Manager, LandStudies, Inc.

10:30 am Refreshments

10:45 am Preservation and Mitigation: Always at Odds?

Deepa Srinivasan, President, Vision Planning and Consulting; John Gardosik, Hurricane Sandy Recovery Project Manager, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; Ashley Samonisky, Planner/Analyst, Vision Planning and Consulting

11:30 am Making Sense of Uncertainty: Ensemble Forecasts,         Flooding and Communication Risk

Rachel Hogan Carr, Executive Director, Nurture Nature Center

12:00 pm        Lunch and ASFPM State Chapter Ceremony

1:00 pm         Community Rating System Program

Amanda Gowans,  CRS Specialist, Insurance Services Office

1:30 PM  Implementing a Regional Elevation Certificate Program

William Bradfield, Flood Resiliency Program Analyst, SEDA-COG; Teri Provost, Senior Program Analyst, SEDA-COG

2:00 pm Leveraging FEMA's Published Discharge Data for Needs Assessment and Trend Analysis in Pennsylvania

Robert Pierson, PMP, FEMA Region III; Jeffrey Smith,  Program Manager, AECOM; William Jiang, Civil  Engineer, AECOM

2:30 pm The NFIP and the Private Marketplace

Andrew T. Farrell, CFM, Insurance Broker, Smart Vent Products, Inc.

3:00 pm A Look Ahead from the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM)

Necolle Maccherone, CFM, ASFPM Region III Director

3:30 pm Conference Close

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