Mapping and Technical

The Mapping and Technical Committee aims to:

  • Promote development of accurate, detailed floodplain studies
  • Develop a white paper on the accuracy of mapping in Pennsylvania
  • Integrate a stormwater committee into PAFPM

Education and Outreach

Committee Goals:

  • Establish a credible digital presence, including a website, a PAFPM email account, and use social media outlets
  • Create a process where by which current members can easily distribute all training and Annual Conference information/materials to colleagues
  • Develop promotional material for booth and trade shows
  • Develop a quarterly PAFPM newsletter

Policy and Legislative

  • * Information coming soon!


Membership Committee Goals:

  • Increase membership through use of newsletters, the annual conference, trainings, and networking
  • Provide valuable services to current and potential members, including earning CFM credits through free webinars and discounted annual conferences fees
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