The Mapping and Technical Committee met during the 2015 Annual Meeting to review the 2015 work plan for the group. The committee holds regular meetings via phone and email that can be attended by any PAFPM members, and the group welcomes any assistance. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 
 The Mapping and Technical Committee aims to:
1.  Promote development of accurate detailed floodplain studies:

a.   Action –  Reach out to other states to see how they have done it.

b.   Get a snapshot on where PA currently stands with mapping

c.   Determine the delivery system (PAMAGIC has an AGOL account that can be used to push out data and maps if needed.) 

2.  Develop a white paper of the accuracy of mapping in PA.


Subcommittee 1:  Promoting accurate floodplain mapping sub committee

1.       Determine who and how municipalities are currently serving up their products (the FEMA portal may not be the means.  The depth grids are all available as well as the HAZUS.   The data is there but there is not easy to use tool on PASDA).  Cleighton Smith and Ashley Mengle to co-chair the subcommittee with Dave Gilbert for AGOL mapping  and Fran McJunkin (will be the GIS Pros to determine FEMA data that is available).  The target audience should be the local government but general public may also come in time) 

2.       Conference call within 1 month and determine the outline for the year.   Each subcommittee will copy the other and report back

Subcommittee 2: Integration of Stormwater subcommittee:

Act 167 management plans – sub watershed flows and management strategies and being developed for some municipalities.  The flow models are calculated are also used for FIS and stream restoration.  (watersheds are from 30 – 150 sq miles).  Goal – gather and disseminate materials that link stormwater to flooding.  Show standards for modeling that can be applied to support Flood mapping .  A presentation at next year’s conference should be planned.)

  • Stormwater subcommittee chair –  Paul  DeBarry to lead Stormwater subcommittee.  
  • Develop strategy for unmapped floodplains
  • Develop technology as a means to obtain goals for PAFPM – dramatic increase in use of social media, GIS and education

Flooding Stormwater Related Programs in PA September 2015


In 2006, PaMAGIC partnered with DCED and FEMA to promote and develop a more coordinated and active approach to FEMA's Flood Map Modernization (MapMod) in the Commonwealth. A core of 75 people involved with MapMod meet 3-4 times per year, and the larger group includes state and federal agencies, county representatives, private businesses (primarily engineering), and non-profit groups interested in natural functions within floodplains. Accomplishments include: 

  • Increasing information flow from PA state agencies to support MapMod activities

  • Effective support for completion of LiDAR-based topography and prioritization of PAMAP production in areas needed for MapMod production

  • Initiation of interagency flood mitigation coordination among state agencies

  • Discussions and documents leading to Executive support for investment in infrastructure related to flood mitigation

  • Increased orientation of DCED community outreach to PA counties for efficiency in flood map ordinance adoption at the municipal level

  • Mutual education and increased communications among participating individuals




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