The Education and Outreach Committee works to complete items formulated in the committee as well as complete Work Plan items as detailed for 2015.

Purpose: Disseminate current Floodplain Management educational materials to current and potential members of PAFPM. 

2015 Objectives:

  1. Identify primary point of contact for website management and coordinate with Mapping and Technical Committee on development and maintenance of website
  2. Establish a credible digital presence, including a email account
  3. Determine use of social media outlets
  4. Coordinate with PSATs on updated contact information for current membership, new CFM members in the state, and will contact other distribution lists for inclusion for training opportunities
  5. Create a process by which current members can easily distribute all training and Annual Meeting materials to colleagues
  6. Develop promotional material for booth and trade shows
  7. Develop a Semi-Annual PAFPM Newsletter

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